ID : 77825
Brand : PMT Pioneer Machine Tools
Model : Precision Air Chuck (Slide Jaw Type): Rotary Air Chuck, Sealed Air Chuck, High Speed Air Chuck, Stationary Air Chuck, Material H
Last Update : 25/07/2559 16:30 Preview : 27,714
PRECISION AIR CHUCK (Slide Jaw Type) Over 30,000sets have been sold in the past 35 years. Based on years of experience and know-how, we offer you the AIR CHUCK which have the highest accuracy and performance in the market as of today. Now a day, the demand for the higher accuracy and performance from the production people keep increasing. We, as a solution provider, are always ready to propose you the idea which will meet the various applications. Size: 1.5 to 10” // Nbr. of Jaw: 2,3,4 // Repeatability: within 1.5 μm. Types: Std. Rotary/Stationary Type, High Speed Type, Sealed Type, etc.
ID : 77828
Brand : PMT Pioneer Machine Tools
Model : Rotary Wiper
Last Update : 25/07/2559 16:31 Preview : 23,574
RW makes it possible to view the production/machining process clearly within the machine enclosure while the cutting is going with coolants. Window always get dirty because of oils, coolants and chips. By installing the Rotary Wiper, even large amount of coolant will not prevent anoperator from being able to observe set-ups and production runs of all sort. ■Improved visible area ■Installation: By Bolts or Tape ■Easy Installation & maintenance ■Promote “Visualization”
ID : 89193
Brand : PCS
Model : PCS-100, SCU-100, PCS-250, SCU-250
Last Update : 25/07/2559 16:28 Preview : 20,063
PCS Broken Tool Sensor In automatic and unattended machining, it is imperative to detect the broken tool when it take place. If it’s undetected, a huge loss of cost will be caused from such as scrap parts, machine’s damage and downtime. It can be easily installed with the machine at an affordable cost, and can detect the breakage of drill, tap and reamer. The sensor is bracket-mounted close to the tool easily and conveniently. A needle is arranged in different length and can be bent so that the sensor would be installed near by the tool flexibly even though the space around he tool is tight and limited. SCU control unit is installed in the machine tool cabinet. High sealing performance(IP67), Small dia. of tool, 1.0mm or below, can be detected. Model:PCS-100 w/SCU-100Ca PCS-250 w/TCU-250
ID : 120429
Brand : PMT Pioneer Machine Tools
Model : High Precision Air Chuck (Diaphragm type): SN, HN, WZ
Last Update : 25/07/2559 15:44 Preview : 8,131
PIONEER Diaphragm Chuck is to clamp the workpiece as soft as possible, and evenly, to avoid the deformation when clamping by utilizing the tensile strength of special material used for diaphragm. Naturally, the highest possible accuracy is obtainable in turning. Up to 12,000min-1 operation is possible due to the unique design which reduce the affection of centrifugal force. Super high precision and performance in turning is ensured. Size:3 to 6”, Repeatability:Within 0.4μm, Maintenance Free (No lubrication necessary) Types: Std. Rotary Type // Quick Change Type // Stationary Type
ID : 120430
Brand : PMT Pioneer Machine Tools
Model : Air Chuck Jaws, Diaphragm Chuck Jaws
Last Update : 25/07/2559 16:27 Preview : 7,063
ID : 120431
Brand : PMT Pioneer Machine Tools
Model : 4L3, 4L3AHPR, JHP3HS, JHP3, JHP2, JHP3AHPR
Last Update : 25/07/2559 15:43 Preview : 9,988
With the years of experience and know-how, we offer you the most reliable ASA in the market. Five basic models are available to meet the different demands for the operation. For up to 12,000min-1 operation, for movable pipe when clamping and unclamping, for making sure the seating of workpiece when clamping, and for high pressure coolant application. **Special available on request.** Max. speed: 12,000min-1(JHP3HS), Max. Coolant Pressure: 1.0MPa(JHP4AHPR).